Stuff about me 🌟

Hello! 😊

I'm Lucas, 23 and work since July as Application Engineer at Scale Commerce 💜 . Before that I worked 3 years operationally as Linux Admin at Profihost AG.

For over two years now I deal daily with the topics Linux 🐧, Hosting ☁️ and Online-Shops 🛒 (mainly Shopware). During this time I was allowed to get to know many customer projects and partners.

I always notice that the topic of performance 🚀 is surprisingly neglected in stores. From my point of view, it is one of the most important topics in online presence.

There are some case studies that show that higher performance increases the conversion rate, among other things.
Some of them are listed on the following page:


The cause of poor performance is often simply blamed on the server - for this reason, among others, I have dealt with the topic more and can now determine quite quickly where the problem is, especially with Shopware.

The knowledge that I have collected in the time, I would now like to share among other things in this blog. 😊

If you have feedback or something, feel free to write me. 📨

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